Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round

Lately I've felt out of touch with today's music.  I mean what happened to rock-n-roll or punk?  I feel like every genre is blurred together or there are so many different genres who can tell what category any band belongs too?  Give me vinyl!  And not new bands on vinyl but good classic records.  Records that you can listen to from side 1 all the way through side 2.  I mean do artists today even care about creating a good album, or is their concern only to have an image and  a song that sells really well? What happened to the music?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Dance

Patrick Swayze died yesterday.  I'm pretty sure that for my generation he was every girl's crush, and quite possibly a few guys as well.  Everybody wanted to be Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing."   A few weeks ago I had mentioned to my boyfriend and friend that I had never seen "Point Break" they were both shocked.  Coincidentally, my friend was looking through the free movies on Comcast, and sure enough "Point Break" was listed.  We watched it and I was pretty happy to see it.  Swayze had moved from eye candy to someone I would genuinely want to chill with.  Or at least Bodhi did, I mean who doesn't want to hang out with a sky-diving, president mask wearing, bank robbing, surfer?
Sometime after that, I had casually mentioned that I had never seen "Roadhouse,"  my boyfriend was shocked, questioning how I could have never seen it.  Any one who knows me would know that this is the kind of movie I gravitate to.  And as luck would have it,  "Roadhouse" happened to  be playing.  And if you want to know how awesome this movie is you simply have to read the taglines;

                                                         Retrieved from

  "Dalton lives like a loner, fights like a professional. And loves like there is no tomorrow."
  "The dancing's over. Now it get's dirty."

After Swayze's passing,  perhaps the most appropriate quote from "Ghost"
"It's amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you. See ya."

I hope you do take the love with you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

        It is not officially fall, technically the first day of Autumn is September 22.   But I'm in a fall state of mind.  The weather has turned chilly rather quickly, football season has started, and the carefree attitude of summer has changed into determination.  Also I've noticed that Halloween decorations are already for sale in stores, which is fine with me, I heart Halloween.  So hopefully I'll find my motivation and finally finish writing my thesis.