Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zombies vs Vampires

A few days ago I saw "Zombieland."  It's a great relief to know that good zombie movies are still being made. Don't worry if you haven't seen the movie yet I won't spoil it. In fact I'm done talking about it, so onto the comparison.
The great thing about zombies is that you can use so many different things to kill them, well at least as long as you bash in their brains.  And often this can lead to hilarious movie scenes.
I like vampires, I do, but they tend to bore me after awhile. And how many creative ways can you pierce them through the heart or push them into the sunlight? 
In my opinion, it's more likely that you'll run into a zombie than a vampire. 
Geez has this been the worst post yet?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello Kiddies...

Well it's my favorite time of the year, fall or more importantly the month of October.  Scary decorations are plastered everywhere.  Every store has their "Halloween section" that I joyfully run to and frolic through the aisles, wanting to buy everything, knowing I shouldn't.  But I can't help myself, who doesn't want skulls, monsters, ghosts, and witches displayed all year round?
So initially I thought great, in honor of this supreme month I will post 31 scary movies that I love not that they are all scary but still in the horror  genre.  But since I'm already a week behind, I'll just do it in list form rather than one a day.  Oh and these are in no particular order of greatness, because they're all super cool!

1. Nightmare on Elm Street (the first movie that truly scared me when I was little, Freddy still gives me nightmares)
2. Dawn of the Dead (George Romero!)

3. Evil Dead
4. Sleepaway Camp
5. The Thing (John Carpenter/Kurt Russell version)
6. The Stepford Wives (the original people!)
7. The Changeling (George C. Scott, not Angelina)

8. Psycho
9. Zombie
10. Halloween (duh)
11. Jaws (who doesn't hear the theme song when they're swimming?)
12. Carrie
13. Creepshow
14. Freaks
15. New York Ripper
16. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Fctory (the original...think about it)
17. The Birds
18. Poltergeist
19. Near Dark
20. Friday the 13th
21. Wait Until Dark
22. The Shining
23. Rosemary's Baby
24. The Serpent and the Rainbow
25. Wild Zero
26. Day of the Dead
27. 28 Days Later
28. Night of the Living Dead
29. Return of the living Dead
30. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original, duh)

31. The Exorcist

There's obviously more I could post, and maybe I will, but later....